Bi-weekly Package

Due date

  • The first biweekly package is due Friday Sep 18 — (Week 1)
  • The second biweekly package is due Friday Oct 2 — (Week 3)
  • The third biweekly package is due Friday Oct 16 — (Week 5)
  • and so on.. (please check for the due date for each biweekly package)

What to submit:

  • Progress Report
  • Risk and Defect Report
  • Project Plan
  • A PDF export of the team Trello board (go to File –> Print –> Save as PDF). (Please set up your team Trello board ( and send an invite to (
  • The link to the templates is –> [link]

Where to submit:

Upload all of the above documents on your team website under the PR folder. Please separate your submission by week.

For example, Week 1, Week 3, Week 5, etc. Don’t forget to provide a link to each document.

File Naming Convention:


for example,

  • Week01_PR_F20a_T01
  • Week03_RiskandDefect_F20a_T05
  • Week07_ProjectPlan_F20a_T09
  • Week03_Trello_F20a_T02

Concrete example?

Check out this link [here]