Project Information

Academic Semester: Fall 2020
Team Number: 1
Client: Dr. Darin Gray, Viterbi K-12 STEM Center

Project Description

Data Information Analytics - Managed Online Network Database (DIAMOND) will allow the K-12 STEM Center to evaluate their programs, events and activities to ensure that their practices are evidenced-based and data driven. It will also allow them to provide outcome data to staff, administrators, funders and partners in a timely manner when requested.

Developer Team

Name Email Role (Primary, Supporting)
Haiwen Chen haiwenc@usc.edu Requirements Engineer, Project Manager
Sam Cote scote@usc.edu Project Manager, Life Cycle Planner
Danny Diaz diazayon@usc.edu Verification & Validation, Quality Focal Point
Shijie Ding shijiedi@usc.edu Software Architect/UML Modeler, Prototyper
Meghana Kolasani kolasani@usc.edu Prototyper, Requirements Engineer
Dzung Phan dtphan@usc.edu Software Architect/UML Modeler, Prototyper
Derek Wang derekswa@usc.edu Feasibility Analyst, Operational Concept Engineer
Drew Webb atwebb@usc.edu Operational Concept Engineer, Prototyper