Project Information

Academic Semester:  Fall 2020

Project Name:  Siitch App

Client:  Siitch, Inc.

Team Number:  03

Project Description

Helping users know the environmental cost of what they buy and provide instant solutions on how their actions can make an impact on the planet with simple tips and examples of brands doing better. Think MyFitnessPal, but for the environment.

Users & the public will benefit by having access to simple, bite sized knowledge & solutions in infographic, Instagram-like form that will help them:

1- Learn the environmental cost of fruits, vegetables, meats, drinks, products…

2- See a simple explanation of ‘why’ – the metric is water

3- Know what they can do right now to make a difference

4- Discover brands doing better

Key features are:

Compare Tool – lets users instantly compare items to make decisions

Calculator Tool – lets users quickly calculate the environmental cost of an item to see their impact

Ranking Tool – lets users quickly see the highest-to-lowest environmental cost of each item so they can make instant decisions

Search Tool – lets users find information about what they’re searching for, or buying

Our Team

Drew Aveling
CEO & Founder of Siitch, Inc.

Akshata Patangi
Life Cycle Planner & Implementer

Joe Lai
Feasibility Analyst & Implementer

Nikita Chhatbar
Prototyper & Software Architect

Nikitha Adira
Project Manager & Requirements Engineer

Patrick Assaf
Prototyper & Implementer

Vartika Bhatia
Software Architect & Tester

Vyom Unadkat
Implementer & Life Cycle Planner

Yu Gao
Tester & Feasibility Analyst