Spring 2021 - Team 06

Project Name: AI Video Analysis for Healthcare Sports Medicine

This project is to implement a website that allows the users to upload videos and control how those videos will be processed.
In addition, the processed results will be visualized, and modifications to decisions made by the processing algorithms will be allowed.

Development Team

Justin Fuziyuefu[at]usc[dot]eduQuality Focal Point, Trainer
DK Leedongkeun[at]usc[dot]eduProject Manager, LCP
Jian Zhengjianzhen[at]usc[dot]eduImplementer, Tester
Wenzhuo Wangwenzhuo[at]usc[dot]eduImplementer, Tester
Tanner Smithtannerms[at]usc[dot]eduIIV & V, Tester


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