Fall 2020 - Team 07

Project: 1 Student at a Time

1 Student at a Time (1ST) is a student-led organization founded this year in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. They provide information and resources about housing, food insecurity, mental health and higher education for affected college students. We as a team stive to construct a professional, intuitive website as a one-stop hub to address these crises and connect the young people in the community.


1 Student at a Time

Email: destinybatton@gmail.com

Website(current wix version): 1 Student at a Time

Developer Team

DK Lee

Project Manager / Quality Focal Point dongkeun@usc.edu

Wenzhuo Wang

Operaion Concept Engineer / Implementor wenzhuo@usc.edu

Jinxuan(Patricia) Zhang

Requirements Engineer / Implementor jinxuanz@usc.edu

Samantha Kuo

Prototyper / Implementor kuosaman@usc.edu

Tiancheng Lin

Life Cycle Planner, Verification and Validation lintianc@usc.edu

Jian Zheng

Feasibility Analyst / Implementor jianzhen@usc.edu

Yian Shi

Implementor / Tester yianshi@usc.edu

Fujie Liang

Implementor / Tester fujielia@usc.edu

Tanner Smith

Trainer tannerms@usc.edu