The Team 8
Fall 2020

Likhita Suresh

Prototype Engineer

Education: 2nd year MS student (CS)
Skills: ReactJS, Angular, Node, CSS

Christopher Kuo


Education: 2nd year MS student (CS)
Skills: C, Python, ML

Suki Sahota

Lifecycle Planner

Education: 1st year MS student (CS)
Skills: C++, Git, Golang, Java, Kotlin, Node.js

Ilia Leshchev

Requirement Engineer

Education: MS in CAD Systems
1st year MS student CS-Data Science
Skills: C#, Python, C, ML/AI, Data Mining

Hanwen Guan

Software Architecture Engineer

Education: 1st year MS student (CS)
Skills: ReactJS, JavaScript, Python, AWS EC2

Justin Fu


Education: 1st year MS student (CS)
Skills: Java, Python, SQL, ML/AI, Data Engineering

Anurag Unnikrishnan

Project Manager

Education: 1st year MS student (CS)
Skills: Java, Python, PHP, ML/AI

Project description

Nuleep, a USC Incubator company, was founded by ex Disney employees and a Trojan alum that have been friends for over 10 years. Founders of Nuleep, Grace Park, CEO Luis Reyes, CTO and Mitchell Sekiya, CDO, are focused on bringing top technologies with human connection for the future of work and career education. At Nuleep, we believe it is important to provide access, opportunity, and mentorship to all communities from all walks of life.

Nuleep's teams have worked at The Walt Disney Company, AMGEM, PWC, EY and other top companies. It's experts hold certifications in PMP, ACP, and CISA and higher education degrees that bring the best in class solutions and customer service. With Covid-19, Nuleep has created solutions with their technology and network to become a resource for students, jobseekers, and companies.

Today, Nuleep is proud to be working with thousands of students, companies that place importance on purpose, culture, and inclusion, and universities across CA, AZ, and soon to be CO. They’ve worked on, partnered, or collaborated with employees and teams at the The Walt Disney Company, Expedia, Facebook, and many other top organizations.

Our team is looking forward to working with Nuleep. Initially, we have following goals:
Firstly, build a chat messaging system using a third party software such as Sendbird, ShatSDK, or TalkJS.
Secondly, implement the ability to refer or deny friends, colleagues and students to a job role or company.
And finally, be able to deliver valuable ideas for the company on their way to becoming "Netflix of the employment market".

Our progress