Course Schedule

 LectureSpeakerIndividual AssignmentsTeam Assignments
24-AugCourse Overview, ICSMBoehm
26-AugICSM PrinciplesBoehm
28-AugICSM for CSCI577 - IIKoolman
31-AugRapid-fielding projects and Risk AnalysisKoolman
4-SepValue-based Requirements Engineering and PrioritizationSrisophaEF-1, EF-2, EF-3, PostClass-1 Risk Analysis
7-SepLabor Day (no class)
9-SepBenefits and Business Case Analysis and WinWin NegotiationSrisopha
11-SepClient InteractionKoolmanPC 2
14-SepOperational Concept DevelopmentKoolmanClient Interaction Report
16-SepLCP: Planning & ControlBoehmWinWin Negotiation (Sept 14-25)
18-SepPrototyping, UI, UxSrisophaTeam Website, Biweekly Package (Week 1)
21-SepCost EstimationBoehm
23-SepFeasibility Analysis, ROI , and PersonaKoolman
25-SepPrototype PresentationTeamsTop Risk Prototype
28-SepOOA&D ILinkHW-2 UI/UX
30-SepOOA&D II & WorkshopLink
2-OctTechnical Debt & ARB ExpectationKoolmanBiweekly Package (Week 3)
5-OctICSM and Evidence-Based ReviewsBoehm
7-OctQuality Management / Peer ReviewBoehm
9-OctSoftware Metrics and MeasurementsKoolmanPC-3 OOAD
12-OctFCR ARBTeams
14-OctFCR ARBTeams
16-OctFCR ARBTeamsBiweekly Package (Week 5)
19-OctRetrospective Analysis, Acceptance Criteria, Definition of Done, CCD OverviewKoolman
21-OctAffordability-Based EngineeringBoehm
23-OctSoftware Process ModelsKoolmanPC 4 Metrics ARB #1 Package (DC/FC)
26-OctSoftware Testing ISrisophaAcceptance Criteria and Definition of Done
28-OctSoftware Testing IISrisopha
30-OctAgile concepts KoolmanBiweekly Package (Week 7); Team Retrospective Analysis
2-NovSoftware EthicsBoehmHW-3 Simplifiers and Complicators
4-NovSoftware Quality AttributesBoehm
6-NovCCD session - no class
9-NovProject Management and Risk analysis workshopKoolmanHW-4 Testing
11-NovFuture Trends in Software EngineeringBoehm
13-NovAgile Anti-PatternsKoolmanBiweekly Package (Week 9); CCD / prototype progress Report
16-NovDCR ARBTeams
18-NovDCR ARBTeams
20-NovDCR ARBTeams
23-NovNo classIndividual Critique
24-NovNo classProject Archive, DC/TR Package, Final Biweekly Package (Week 11)