RDC Package

Due Date: February 23, 2021 11:59 pm
How to Submit: on your team website under the "Development" folder
Submission File Naming Convention: (DOCNAME)_RDCP_S21b_Txx_Vxx.docx and .pdf


Update the following documents to reflect the recent changes in your project.

  • TPC (Test Case plan)
  • LCP (Life Cycle Plan)
  • FED (Feasibility Evidence Document)
  • OCD (Operational Concept Description)
  • SSAD (Structured Systems Analysis and Design)
  • WC (Win conditions)

Please incorporate feedback you received from your ARB presentation. You are also free to tailor the document to better fit your project; however, any changes to the template need to be justified.

Each document should have the following naming convention: (DOCNAME)_RDCP_S21b_Txx_Vxx.docx and .pdf

Where Txx is your team number (e.g., T01 and T02). Vxx is the document version number (e.g., V1.1 and V2.0).