- There is 15% penalty per late day

Individual assignment deadline for DEN students (Off-campus students):
- In-class assignments are due on the following Monday by 12.00 P.M.
- EFs, Pre-classes and homework assignments are due as stated in the assignment specification.

Individual Homework

AssignmentDue DateSubmission Method
HW-1 ICSM08/31/2016D2L
HW-2 Coding09/26/2016D2L
HW-3 Technical Debt10/17/2016D2L
HW-4 Testing11/14/2016D2L
Individual Critique (due Thu Dec 8, noon)12/09/2016D2L

Individual Class Exercises (For all students)

AssignmentDue DateSubmission Method
EF-1 Copyright and Integrity Form08/26/2016On-campus: In-person; Off-campus: on D2L
EF-2 Basic Questionnaire with Integrity Agreement08/26/2016On-campus: In-person; Off-campus: on D2L
EF-3 Student General Information Questionnaire09/02/2016Online
PC-1 Client Interaction09/09/201612pm before class; on D2L
PC-2 Risk Analysis09/28/201612pm before class; on D2L
PC-3 OOAD: Practice of developing UML diagrams for your project10/03/201612pm before class; on D2L
PC-4 Metrics and Measurements10/28/201612pm before class; on D2L

Team Projects - On-Campus

Pre-class (To be done at home and turned in through DEN)
In-class: Questions for in-class will be handed during the lecture
AssignmentDue DateSubmission Method
EF-4 Team Selection Form (On-Campus)09/07/2016Online
Team Website09/14/2016Team Website
Client Interaction Report09/16/2016
Win Conditions Report09/26/2016Post on your team website
Top Risk Prototype09/30/2016Team presentation and post your presentation on your team website
FC Package10/17/2016Post on your team website
As Built Package (1 semester)12/05/2016Post on your team website
DC Package (2 semester)12/05/2016Post on your team website
Project Archive12/07/2016Post on your team website
VC = Valuation Commitment
FC = Foundations Commitment
DC = Development Commitment

Team Projects - Off-Campus

Note: For some teams, on campus members may play some of these roles.
AssignmentDone ByDue DateSubmission Method
EF-5 Team Selection Form (Off-Campus)09/07/2016Online
VC = Valuation Commitment
FC = Foundations Commitment
DC = Development Commitment

Weekly Assignments


Bi-Weekly Assignments

Bi-weekly On-Campus Technical Debt Report10/21/2016fri
Bi-weekly QFP Technical Debt Report10/21/2016fri
Progress Report09/21/2016wed
Risk and Defect Report09/21/2016wed
Project plan09/21/2016fri

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