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Proposal Template (doc)
Project Showcase and Presentation to Clients meeting: July 29 and August 19, 1pm
Presentation on Clients' meeting: (ppt)

How to be a client

To be a client, we request that not only should you have a software problem/project that would benefit from a systematic application of software engineering principles but also that someone in your organization (preferably yourself) be able to devote roughly 1-2 hours a week to engage with the team assigned to the project. It is essential that such a represerntative be a direct stakeholder in the project success and be empowered to make key decisions regarding the project (or at least be able to reach the concerned person & get decisions from such a person). Further, it is necessary that the client (or the client represerntative) be able to attend 2 project review meetings during the semester during which the project progress, team contribution & client feedback will be used as inputs for instructor feedback & guidance on the best way to continue the project.

Our experience indicates that the best clients (or client represerntatives) are:

  • Collaborative (with the team)
  • Representative (of their organization)
  • Authorized (to make key decisions)
  • Committed (to the project's success)
  • Knowledgable (of your business domain, of the desired software features, of the possible problems, and ideally of the technology that could be used to execute the project, etc.)

Project Examples

You can find the description of the previous year's projects on the following link:

To see a project in action, visit the Proyecto Pastoral at Dolores Mission at

Client activites with respect to course schedule

Wed. Sept. 11: Teams formed and projects selected
Fri. Sept 13: 1:00 - 2:00 pm    Win-Win negotiation Training for Clients (SAL322)
2:00 - 3:20 pm    CS 577a class Session with clients (OHE122)
Sept 16-18: Site visit
Sept. 16 - Dec. 13: During the semester:
  • Intermediate consultation
  • Prototype reviews
  • WinWin negotiation
  • Scheduled weekly meetings with team
  • Prototype evaluations
  • On-campus win-win negotiation participation & off campus follow up
  • Identify other success-critical stakeholders
Wed. Oct 3: VCR preparation
Oct. 14 - 18: FCR ARB meetings
Dec. 2 - 6: DCR ARB meetings
Wed. Dec. 10: Submit Client evaluation form
* VCR = Valuation Commitment Review
** FCR = Foundations Commitment Review
*** DCR = Development Commitment Review

Recommended Readings

We invite you to read the following articles about our course:
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2. Viterbi Computer Science Class Reaches Out to Serve Neighborhood Needs - USC Viterbi School of Engineering News
These articles should provide you with a high-level overview of what to expect and the manner in which the course is executed.


If you have further questions or wish to submit your proposal, please contact Dr. Sue Koolmanojwong at

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